NWIR has national reach and is working with leading roofing contractor associations, roof consultants, manufacturers and distributors. NWIR Councils, located throughout the country, are critical links to these groups and to the NWIR leadership. We encourage you to start a local or state Council in your area. You will receive full support from the national NWIR leadership, and you will be taking an important step in advancing your career and the careers of your roofing colleagues.

State and local councils serve as a venue for members to connect regularly to exchange ideas, attend educational events, and develop relationships to advance women within the roofing profession. State and local councils regularly interact in a community setting to provide activities that directly impact the future of women in roofing. And, most importantly, state and local councils are aware of and sensitive to the unique needs of their members and the communities where they work.. For these reasons, state and local councils are an important grass-roots link to all women roofing professionals.

It requires commitment to create a NWIR council.  It requires the work of dedicated roofing professionals who agree with the NWIR mission to energize a state or local council, and grow it into a respected and influential component of NWIR.  Councils receive significant support from the National Board of Directors.  Administrative tasks, such as collecting membership dues and paying bills are carried out by the association management staff.  NWIR has also done all the work of bylaws, branding, and establishing policies and procedures. We invite you to join us in our important work, and impact the future of women in roofing from the rooftop to the boardroom.

If you’re ready to actively move forward and start a council in your area, please download the council toolkit.

Download the Council Toolkit (PDF)

Councils In Development

NWIR has Councils forming all over the country. Contact one of the coordinators listed below, or download the Council Toolkit to start a Council in your area.

  • Arizona
    Valorie Miller & Julie Hill
  • California ~ Southern California
    Maria Alcara & Jenny Aguiar
  • Colorado (Denver & Northern)
    Lee Lipniskis
  • Colorado (Springs & Southern)
    Naomi Dupre
  • Michigan
    Liz Obloy & Tara Gerhardt
  • Florida ~ Tampa
    Shari Johnson & Jamie Combee
  • Georgia ~ Atlanta
    Lynn France & Melissa Miller
  • Missouri ~ St. Louis
    Gwen Maechling
  • New Jersey ~ North Jersey
    Christine Mockenhaupt
  • New York & Connecticut
    Heather Nugent
  • Carolinas/North Carolina
    Ellisha Mclaughlin
  • Oregon
    Kendall Ekerson
  • Utah
    Nacona Lott
  • Arizona
    Valorie Miller & Julie Hill
  • Florida ~ South Florida
    Jodie Weber
  • Tennessee
    Michelle Boykin
  • Texas ~ Dallas/Fort Worth
    Karen Fox & Ronnie Crowley
  • Texas ~ Houston
    Leticia Elias
  • Nebraska
    Karla Green
  • New Mexico

Possible Councils In Development

Women all over the country have expressed an initial interest in starting a Council in their area.  Although these Councils are not yet formalized, we hope they will be soon!  If you are interested in helping start a Council in one of these areas, please reach out to the contact listed and join forces!  Or, if your area isn’t listed here, download the Council Toolkit to start a Council in your area.

Contact A Council

Individual contact with councils in development is coming soon!