Founding Sponsors

National Women in Roofing (NWIR) is offering Founding Sponsorship opportunities to roofing industry organizations, companies and individuals to support the recruitment, mentoring, education and networking of women in the roofing profession. The focus of NWIR is to advance the careers of women in roofing who work from the rooftop to the boardroom, and to promote excellence in the roofing industry as a whole.

Incorporated in February of 2016, NWIR has retained association management and filed for 501c status. A sponsorship drive was launched in June of 2016. Sponsorship funding is being used for the start-up costs for the emerging association as well as for the development of an association website, overall communications, and database development.

NWIR has created a strong foundation of bylaws, processes and procedures that advance our core mission of Mentoring, Education, Networking, and Recruitment. Founding Sponsors will play a critical role in fulfilling those goals. and will have the opportunity to be central to an organization comprised of the best and the brightest, men and women, both new and established individuals, in the industry workforce.

A Founding Sponsorship is $10,000.  Benefits include:

  • Recognition on the NWIR Website, electronic newsletter, and social media
  • NWIR Annual Report recognition
  • Trade and event advertising recognition in NWIR ads in tradeshow and conference materials
  • Exclusive eligibility for event sponsorships including booth sponsorships, educational sponsorships, speaker sponsorships, and hospitality sponsorships

Event Sponsors

Part of our promise to Founding Sponsors was that you would have the opportunity to sponsor the NWIR hosted events at national and regional conferences. Commitment as a Founding Sponsor makes a company eligible to be an Event Sponsor for 12 months following receipt of your Founding Sponsor financial commitment.

Please contact the NWIR office to receive a current list of available opportunities.

Become A Sponsor

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