Hosting a ZOOM call on the NWiR account: No time limit on meetings but it is limited to 100 participants. This is for the primary host to log in. Everyone else should join using the link on the calendar event.

    • Username:
    • Password: nwirINC2016 (that’s nwir all lowercase – then INC all uppercase – then 2016)
    • Host key: 342266
    • Account: 54897535

2020 Email List for the Board of Directors here – I’ll be working on updating the roster and contact list soon

Past BOD meeting agendas and minutes, on the google drive here – but Ellen needs to update

Association Bylaws

Whistleblower Policy

Record Retention and Document Destruction Policy

Code of Ethics

Antitrust Policy

Travel Reimbursement Policy Sept 2018

NWiR typically has a presence at six national or large regional events per year. List here.

Access to the Council Leaders contact list:

Add events to calendar: – and you may need to doublecheck the username for your committee here


Photos – most of the photos

Photos and headshots from NWiR Day 2020

How to schedule a committee meeting via conference call

Phone Instructions for the NWiR Answering Service – just an fyi in case you were curious

Passwords for NWIR website
Several of the pages are password protected.
Membership Benefits – nwirmembersinc2016;
Resources for Council chairs – nwircouncilsinc2016;
Resources for the board of directors – nwirbodinc2016
Resources for sponsors – nwirsponsorsinc2016
Webinar Archives – nwirmembersinc2016
Content Resource Library – nwirmembersinc2016
Members Only Mentoring Blog – nwirmembersinc2016