How to read a SDS

In June 2016 OSHA implemented the program to have all SDSs’ (Safety Data Sheets) updated under GHS (Globally Harmonized System). Employers are required to have an SDS on hand for each hazardous chemical kept on site. If you come in contact with hazardous chemicals at work, you should have the proper training to protect you… Read More

Math Safety for Roofing

When assessing proper fall protection in relation to the roof you are working on how do you ensure that you will be safeguarded from injury? Some mechanisms to consider prior to suiting up in your harness would be: Is the roof sloped or flat? Where is the best anchorage point- what type of anchorage will… Read More

Carlisle Construction Materials Emphasizes the Value of Continuing Education for the Industry

Due to the current challenges of labor shortages, material selection changes, regulations, and environmental responsibility, the commercial roofing industry is becoming more complex than ever before; construction professionals are installing challenging roofing and waterproofing systems every day. In the wake of these industry challenges, Carlisle Construction Materials invested in a brand new, state-of-the-art training and… Read More

Arizona Council – Annual Roof Donation

This year NWiR Arizona Council donated a free roof to Avis Lopez. Avis was a social worker who quit her job to care for four siblings who were going to be split up because they couldn’t find a place who would take them. Due to the children’s nationality, they were stuck in the middle of… Read More

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National Women in Roofing Raise the Roof for a Family in Need!

NWiR – Seattle Chapter/SheBuild On April 27th, 2019, the women of the NWiR Seattle Chapter strapped on their tool belts to help one single mother with some critical home repairs. Partnering with Rebuilding Together of South Sound, the ladies of the Seattle Chapter gathered for the city of Tacoma’s first ever SheBuild, taking place on… Read More

Roofing Alliance Update

The Roofing Alliance is committed to shaping the industry’s future by funding education, research, scholarships and philanthropic initiatives, all for the purpose of securing the industry’s future excellence.  Composed of 168 members representing extraordinary leaders from the contracting, manufacturing, distribution and service provider communities, the Roofing Alliance has committed $13 million to enhance the performance… Read More

New Workers vs. Newborns

A newborn baby is awful. Whoops, AN awful lot like a new employee. They can’t do very much and may cause you to lose sleep. They require constant attention and they need you to teach them everything, including what is expected of them. All too often I hear about employees who were let go, saying… Read More

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How to Interview Your Child

The only thing worse than having to fire someone who isn’t right for the job is having someone who is right, not show up to work. Finding and hiring the right people is one of the biggest challenges facing the roofing industry these days. Many companies are feeling the pain of what seems to be… Read More

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Downed Powerlines

What to do if encountering Power Lines: If you are experiencing a power outage you are thinking of your expiring food in the refrigerator, not the reason for the power outage which could be a downed power line.  Thirty to sixty linemen die from live power lines.  Six hundred people annually die from encountering power… Read More