What to Do if OSHA Shows Up?

If OSHA happens to show up at one of your jobsites or one that you are working on; do you know how to handle the inspection? Let’s face it, if OSHA shows up it’s not like an old friend ringing your doorbell to catch up; they’re there to potentially fine your firm. The key to… Read More

Five Ways You Can Market Your Contracting Business

Use Tips From ABC Supply on Professionalism, Online Presence and Customer Reviews So much of what you hear about marketing these days is in the digital space, and while that’s an important component, there is so much more that goes into promoting a business. Here are five ways you can help your business stand out… Read More

Enterprise Risk Management for Your Roofing Business

Every business should have a plan in place to mitigate the impact a potential incident could have on the company. At the recent NRCA Legal Resource Center, NRCA Vice President Tom Shanahan presented a session on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). He said that for a long time risk management was focused internally at things like… Read More

Is Your Food Safe?

The holidays are quickly approaching. Let’s focus on Food Safety. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 48 million people or 1 in 6 Americans will get food poisoning annually. This means your odds of contracting some form of food poisoning is pretty good. Severe food poisoning causes 5000 deaths per year. Under-cooked meat, particularly… Read More

Enterprise Risk Management Case Study: Diamond Roofing

How a roofing contractor was able to navigate the challenge of family members and differing opinions to develop a successful ERM plan. At the recent NRCA Legal Resource Center meeting, NRCA Vice President Tom Shanahan explained what Enterprise Risk Management is and why it is so important for contractors to have plans for their businesses…. Read More

N.E.W.S. (Network of Educating Women Scholarship) Conference Attendee Program

Based on the association goals of mentoring, education, networking and recruitment, National Women in Roofing is pleased to offer a scholarship program for attendance at NWIR Day and the International Roofing Expo at the 2020 IRE and NRCA Convention in Dallas, Texas. This program is designed to encourage first time attendees who work for a roofing… Read More

Council Update: Turning your Quarterly Meetings into Women’s Workshops

Mixing Education and Networking to Build Careers in Northern NJ Fostering opportunities where our fellow NWiR members can learn and grow can feel like a tall order with an active calendar every month. To keep things fresh and engaging in the North New Jersey Council, we’ve leveraged our goals to prioritize recruiting, networking, education or… Read More

How do you pick the best footwear for your job?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that almost 5% of nonfatal workplace accidents requiring time off are foot related. Before picking out the best- looking pair of boots or shoes there are quite a few questions you need to ask. In addition to those questions, one thing people don’t understand is that Steel Toe shoes… Read More

Know Your Worth and Leverage it

We all know when a powerful woman walks into the room. More importantly, we know to listen when she grabs a microphone! Thea Dudley from Pocket Protectors LLC and Melissa Mulligan from M2C Services LLC inspired the National Women in Roofing event at the Best of Success conference that is produced by the team at… Read More