NWiR Education Webinar: Equipping Leaders in a Culturally Complex World

Please join National Women in Roofing for our October 30th webinar on the Cultural Competency in a Complex World. Ricardo Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of Bilingual America, will be speaking about how to build and encourage cross-cultural trust, improve the current work environment, and how to create effective ways to work together. The workplace can be seen… Read More

The Necessity of a Rescue Plan

First and foremost, any employee working in an area of elevation or where there is a hole in the floor or wall you are required to provide fall protection for your employee. Falls from height are one of the leading causes of injury according to OSHA statistics year after year. If you or your employee… Read More

How to Potty Train a Roofer

Roofers don’t like change and technology tends to scare them, so they fight it, the same way a toddler resists potty training. A three year old has been pooping in his diaper his whole life and never seen a problem with that. And we all know that shingler who swears he can hand bang a… Read More

Learn How to Use Facebook and LinkedIn to Build Relationships

Tips for Publishing Posts, Responding to Questions and Networking With Others Building relationships is so important in the roofing industry — whether it’s connections with other professionals or with your customers. And while in-person interactions will always be one of the best ways to strengthen relationships, social media has made it possible to build meaningful… Read More

Check your Ladders and Scaffolds

When’s the last time you checked your ladders & scaffolds? Hundreds of construction workers are killed yearly as a result of improper setups or dangerous behavior. The good news is that many of these incidents can be prevented. You can find volumes of information in regulations but here are some quick tips to ensure your… Read More

Call for Presentations for NWiR Day 2020

The third annual NWiR Day will be held February 2, 2020 in Dallas, Texas. To create an energetic and intuitive agenda that is responsive to the needs of women in the roofing industry, we are looking for your suggestions and contributions on best practices and important issues to empower women in the roofing industry. NWiR… Read More

Five Ways You Can Market Your Contracting Business

Use Tips From ABC Supply on Professionalism, Online Presence and Customer Reviews So much of what you hear about marketing these days is in the digital space, and while that’s an important component, there is so much more that goes into promoting a business. Here are five ways you can help your business stand out… Read More

How to read a SDS

In June 2016 OSHA implemented the program to have all SDSs’ (Safety Data Sheets) updated under GHS (Globally Harmonized System). Employers are required to have an SDS on hand for each hazardous chemical kept on site. If you come in contact with hazardous chemicals at work, you should have the proper training to protect you… Read More

New Workers vs. Newborns

A newborn baby is awful. Whoops, AN awful lot like a new employee. They can’t do very much and may cause you to lose sleep. They require constant attention and they need you to teach them everything, including what is expected of them. All too often I hear about employees who were let go, saying… Read More

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How to Interview Your Child

The only thing worse than having to fire someone who isn’t right for the job is having someone who is right, not show up to work. Finding and hiring the right people is one of the biggest challenges facing the roofing industry these days. Many companies are feeling the pain of what seems to be… Read More