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  • Chair: Christine Mockenhaupt, Allied Building Products (
  • Vice Chair: Lynn Picone, GAF (
  • Secretary: Erica Sherman,GAF (
  • Treasurer: Liz Sieling, iRoofing (
  • Additional Chairs:

    Membership Chair, Julie Baker, GAF (
    Education Chair, Jennifer Keegan, GAF (

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Message From The Council

Welcome to the Northern NJ National Women in Roofing homepage.  For a look at what is going on in our chapter, see the latest update below.

Thanks for joining our first “Wine Down Wednesday” event! It was a pleasure spending time with you ladies last night. We are looking to make this a monthly standing event in 2019. Stay tuned!
Some photos from our local ladies participating in Habitat for Humanity’s Paterson Build! Beautiful weather, great team work, and hard work put in today! Special thanks to the Henry Company for providing lunch, and to Kizzie Hoyte, Jennifer Latone, Jennifer Trapane, and Briggitta Berze for being awesome Women in Roofing!
Thank you to those who were able to attend our meeting at Allied Building Products last week.  We had a nice evening of networking, planning and hearing from a fantastic speaker, Greta Bajrami.  She was able to give us so many takeaways from her experience in the startup of her own roofing contractor business that apply in so many situations.  My favorite was how she trained her crew to live by the customer always being right, no matter what the situation.  It’s easy to be defensive and much harder to be humble. From the customer’s perspective, it’s much harder to stay mad when being treated good.  Her style of customer service is a credit to her success and growth and I admire her for that.
As we continue to determine the direction that, we, the council want to go, we have attached another short survey.  Please take the time to respond so we can gear future events in the direction that is best for everyone.  We appreciate you taking the time to respond, if you would be so kind to complete by July 31 we can move forward on a date for our December meeting.
Upcoming Events:
Sat. Sept 29 (7:45am – 3:30pm) Habitat for Humanity Build in Paterson
This event is limited to 10 people, 4 have signed up so far, so if you are interested, please sign up here to hold your spot:
Dec. Holiday Event (date to be determined from survey)
Learn the basics about roofs while enjoying a holiday meal
Hope everyone enjoys the summer!




Please join us for our next 2 events in July and September.
RSVP here for our July event:  by July 11th
To sign up for the Habitat for Humanity event, click here:
Thank you all for coming out to GAF Headquarters for our first meeting of 2018.  I am so grateful for the volume of women that came to spend time learning about our organization!  We had a record number 46 women attend!
I am happy to let you know, we do have a complete Board of Directors for NJ, so please allow me to introduce everyone.
Christine Mockenhaupt – Chair
Lynn Picone – Vice Chair
Erica Sherman – Secretary
Liz Sieling – Treasurer
Julie Baker – Membership Chair
Jennifer Keegan – Education Chair
We will be getting together shortly to give you the dates for the remaining meetings for 2018 so that you can mark your calendars.  Thank you to all those that completed the surveys.  Your input and ideas will help guide us going forward.
I especially want to thank Lynn and Renee for welcoming us to GAF!  The presentations were terrific!  It’s always nice to always be learning, and hearing how innovative GAF is was fascinating!  The personal branding topic was perfect and the value exercise sparked some great conversation.
Networking / Mentoring
One of the ideas that came out of our speed networking round was to create a database of contacts.  I will work with the board to find a platform that we can log everyone that wants to be included.  We can use this as a local mentoring center for members.
Thank you all again for attending.  Our local website is:
If you haven’t already joined, what are you waiting for?  Click right here to join!
Until next time…..



Please join us for our first meeting of 2018, where GAF has graciously offered to host a great event to kick off the season!

This will be a limited space event, so please RSVP here:


 National Women in Roofing was representing in Boston last week at NERCA.  We had a Meet and Greet Event on Wed night that had a great mixture of manufacturers, distributors and contractors.  Here are a few photos from our booth and event.

Check back soon, our next event will be in May!

Thank you all for coming out last night, it was great seeing everyone again and meeting some new faces!  Below is a recap for those of you who were unable to attend:
Guest Speakers Mary Jean and Barbara from Northern NJ Dress for Success came in and told us about the various services they provide women looking to get back into the workforce or sharpen their skills.  These services include Career center, Professional Women’s Group, counseling and coaching for interviews, Foundations of success workshop, and Technology Skills workshop, in addition to many others.
We decided to start a clothing drive which will culminate with a trip to the Dress for Success boutique, tentatively set for Sat. Oct 28 in the afternoon (SAVE THE DATE), where we will sort and donate the clothing collected as a team.
Rebecca Reilly from Sullivan Engineering was interested in guest speaking about her non-traditional role
Jyoti Belanger and Christine Mockenhaupt were interested in becoming mentors (6 month commitment)
​We also celebrated our Founding Members with presentation of their Founding Member Pins:
Bari Siano
Michelle Boyd
Jyoti Belanger
Christine Mockenhaupt

For those of you who haven’t signed up for membership, please do so at ​

Membership Benefits include:
Mentoring from seasoned roofing professionals and industry leaders who will help guide you in important career decisions, and help you solve workplace challenges.
On-line training sessions to help you hone your skills and stay up-to-date with industry thought-leaders
Networking sessions at industry events, with an emphasis on programs that will advance women’s career paths in roofing at every level
Recruitment channels that will give you access to rising stars in the roofing industry
Employment opportunities nationwide from leading roofing companies and related industries
So don’t hesitate and make it official and sign up today!  Annual membership is $60 and it is YOUR individual membership, no matter where you are affiliated.
Jeanine Tolve – Allied Building Products
Mic​helle Boyd – Ganter Contractors
Christine Mockenhaupt – Allied Building Products
Michele Mulrenan – Myles Kelly
Jyoti Belanger – Allied Building Products
Vicky Cardozo – Myles Kelly
Bari Siano – Myles Kelly
Jenny Javier – Myles Kelly
Krystle Nesta – Myles Kelly
Michelle Russo – Myles Kelly
Rebecca Reilly – Sullivan Engineering
Mary Jean Barnes & Barbara Alves – Northern NJ Dress for Success
​I will follow up with a flyer on our clothing drive in the coming week, but for now spread the word and starts collecting.  ​
​Thanks for helping to build this great organization in New Jersey, and remember to “Empower Each Other” every day!  Spread the word and pass along this email to your co-workers, contractor, distributor and vendor partners in the field to share with women in their businesses and let’s keep growing our group!

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