South Florida Council

Council Leadership

  • Chair: MaryBeth Reed (
  • Vice Chair: Tamara Chase (
  • Secretary: Krystal DiAlberto (
  • Treasurer: Deborah Roache (
  • Additional Chairs:

    Education Chair- Sandy Giel (
    Recruiting Chair- Jackie Hart (
    Networking Chair- Nina Rosado (
    Community Service Chair- Karina Cristancho (

Upcoming Events

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Message From The Council

Please join the ladies of the South Florida Council on January 17th at Gulf Eagle Supply for an educational discussion about the benefits of working with distribution and a tour of a distribution center.

Please join us as RCASF partners with South Florida chapter of Women in Roofing for a special joint meeting to address one of the hottest topics in the Roofing Industry (4).png

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