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Juggling 4th Grade Math and Meetings

All at once everything seemed to change, my kids are no longer in school, I needed to learn to be a home school teacher, entertain them, all the while focusing on my daily job working from home.  This was all new to all of us and took us about a week to get adjusted to our new “normal” routine.  Even though we have adjusted, we still have some adjusting to accommodate anything new. My kids quickly [...]

2020-04-28T14:22:40-06:00By |

Managing Performance and Compassion

I am fortunate to hold a role at my company where am surrounded by what I would consider some of my best friends, and lead a team that supports both owners, contractors and internal teams. We are an office-based team, which changed in what seems like a blink of an eye.  One day we were all humming along, and the next I found myself walking out of the building feeling almost like a thief carrying a [...]

2020-04-24T13:56:07-06:00By |

Ideas and How-to’s for Virtual Council Meetings

Thank you Ellen for compiling these ideas for virtual council meetings! We hope they are helpful for you! Idea 1: Everyone watch a NWiR webinar and then discuss it online Webinar Archives: nwirmembersinc2016 Idea 2: Icebreaker & Networking Virtual Meeting (sharing your story) Idea 3: Use older meetings on national calendar for ideas Idea 4: Idea generator meeting – planning for the future Idea 5: Wine-d Down Wednesday or Fill Your Cup Friday – just a [...]

2020-04-10T15:08:28-06:00By |

When Will They Find Out?

Ever question if you belong in the role you have or meeting your in? Do you second guess yourself? You aren't alone! Welcome to the the Imposter Syndrome Club.

2020-02-27T14:22:38-07:00By |