April 2017 Newsletter

A Letter From The Chair

Heidi J. Ellsworth, President, HJE Consulting Group & Current NWIR Chair 

Balance. I have been thinking a lot about balance lately.  It is not always easy balancing work, home, health, finances, etc.  I was recently offered an opportunity to be on a local board that I had wanted to be a part of for a long time.  I had to sit back and be realistic on whether I had the time to really commit the way that I would like to.  With a phone call, I sadly turned down the opportunity but was thrilled when the lady on the other end of the line said she totally understood.  She was proud of me for what I was doing with my business and they would call me next year for the local nonprofit opportunity.  She supported me by letting me know it was ok to say no for now.

I am finding that my personality demands that I prioritize my focus and then be willing to let the rest go with minimal maintenance.  After this year’s IRE, I realized that a focus for me had to be my health.  For women, it can be hard to take that time for yourself; meal planning, shopping and taking the time every day to exercise.  When I started my own business in 2015, the business and my family were my main focus.  Now a year and a half later, business is good, our youngest is off to college and it is time to reprioritize the focus.

I am very fortunate to have an amazing husband and being empty nesters, I realized it was the perfect and necessary time to reprioritize our focus together.  We are working in our businesses together and now, we are focused on our health.  It is going great.  I feel so much better and have the energy I was lacking during the IRE.  What does this have to do with National Women in Roofing?  Simply that I believe each of us needs to take the time to find balance and prioritize our focus.  Whatever that may need to be, know that taking time for yourself is ok, in fact, it is crucial!

As professional women in the roofing industry, we need to be there to support each other’s choices.  Whether it is health, family, local activities or our careers, we have formed a sisterhood of support that is amazing.  If you want to do something for yourself and your career, look at becoming a member of NWIR and attending your local council activities.  If you do not have a local council, start one; but only if it is the right time and thing for you.  The other women in your area are balancing work, home, health and career too.  You may find or give some great inspiration by getting to know them.



Alison LaValley, NRCA, NWIR Membership

Merriam Webster defines “VALUE”  (val*u) as:

  1. a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged
  2. the monetary worth of something, such as market price
  3. relative worth
  4. NWIR Membership

OK … I admit that Merriam Webster didn’t exactly use No. 4 as one of their official definitions of VALUE, but I most certainly would, and I’m sure you’d agree. We are steps closer to meeting our goal of doubling our membership by National Roofing Week (June 4 -10), but we need YOUR financial support to be successful in our quest! There is strength in numbers, and membership is only $60 dollars annually; that’s quite a (val*u) no matter how you define it! Please join us by clicking here.

“Women who support other women are confident, generous visionaries.” ~ Mariela Dabbah


Upcoming Events & Mentoring

WRSCA 2017

Education Session, Booth and Mentoring & Networking Reception SUNDAY – JUNE 11th, 2017 in the Bordeaux Room of the Paris Las Vegas 3pm-4pm: Education Session: Successful Career Path Case Studies for Women in Roofing 4pm-5pm: Mentoring & Networking Reception http://wsrca.com/wsrca-western-states-commercial-residential-roofing-waterproofing-contractors-association-schedule-events NWIR will have a table near the registration area; stop on by!


Cynthia Lang, SRS Distribution

Joining a local NWIR Council is a great way to meet and connect with other professionals in the roofing industry.  Take a look at our growing list of councils below and reach out via email to contact the council closest to you!  If you didn’t find a council in your area and would like to help start a new council, please reach out to Cynthia Lang our Councils Chair via email:  Clang@srsdistribution.com.

Arizona – Tucson Area
Valorie Miller
California – Los Angeles Area
Maria Alcara
maria@laroofingmaterials.comJenny Aguiar
Ellisha Mclaughlin
ellisha.mclaughlin@alphaconstructionwv.comBeth Mutter
Colorado – Denver & Northern Colorado
Lee Lipniskis
Colorado – Colorado Springs & Pueblo
Naomi Dupre
Connecticut & New York
Jennifer Pietruszka
jpietruszka@nationsroof.comHeather Nugent
Florida – Tampa Area
Hilary Morgan
hmorgan@trentcotney.comJamie Combee
Florida – South Florida Area
Jodie Weber
Georgia – Atlanta Area
Lynn France
LFrance@southernroofcenter.comMelissa Miller
Michigan – Detroit Area
Liz Obloy
obloye@bnpmedia.comTara Gerhardt
Missouri – St. Louis Area
Gwen Maechling
Northern New Jersey
Christine Mockenhaupt
Kendall Ekerson
Michelle Boykin
Texas – Houston Area
Leticia Elias
Nacona Lott


Shelly Duhaime, Committee Chair


Have you ever felt as though you’re the only female in the “male and stale” roofing industry?   Would you like to learn how to recruit, train and place women on roofing oriented career paths?  Jennifer Keegan and Courtney Bynum of the NWIR Education Committee will be presenting “Roofing Industry Careers for Women – How to get your foot in the door…and why you want it there in the first place.”  Stay tuned for more information to come!


Women in Roofing Storyboard

Kristen works beside her father, Sergio, to install a metal roof.

Licensed Roofing Contractor Kristen Novo

Kristen grew up working alongside her father and is now taking over and growing the family business.

Kristen Novo has worked with her father, Sergio, throughout her entire life at their family’s Florida-based company, Wescon Construction. She spent each summer working on roofs, building seawalls, demo-ing and remodeling buildings and learning the business aspects of the industry.

After attending University of Central Florida and earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, she studied under her father’s guidance and earned her Florida Roofing License. She has now accepted the role to take over and grow the business.

She currently runs the day-to-day operations at the company, but she often will get out into the field with the team. Her philosophy is that you can’t be an effective manager if you don’t know how to do the job yourself.


NRCA National Roofing Week, June 4-10, 2017

“Only in Roofing!”

In honor of National Roofing Week we would like our readers to submit words/phrases that only roofing professionals would know or understand.  Or take it up a notch and take a photo of you and your team with your lingo and company logo on a sign!  We look forward to learning and sharing the lingo and photos with you!



Congratulations to the Chicagoland Women in Roofing (a committee of the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association) on the occasion of their 1st Anniversary!