July 2017 Newsletter

A Letter From The Chair

Heidi J. Ellsworth, President, HJE Consulting Group & Current NWIR Chair 

If you have not heard, we have a National Women in Roofing day scheduled for February 4, 2018 in New Orleans.  We are so excited about the opportunity for all of us to gather to collaborate, strategize, energize and find mentorship among women in roofing.

The funny thing is that it is on Super Bowl Sunday.  Yes, you heard that right.  All of us women getting together on Super Bowl Sunday to talk about empowerment.  In my mind, it seems perfect.  Although it may not be easy to slip away on the Sunday that begins IRE week, it will be the perfect day to energize before a long week of tradeshow activities and it will be fun.

The plan is to start the day with some walking, yoga or other physical activity to feed the body and the soul through comradery with other roofing women.  The event will start late morning so that those who want to fly in on Sunday morning will not miss anything.  The day will be filled with mentorship, networking and education.  We will talk about career paths, business builders and respect.  There will be opportunities to meet with Councils from across the country and work on starting new Councils.

The day will end with a Super Bowl party open to all.  A celebration of fun that follows a day of empowerment.  So, save the date now to be in New Orleans on Sunday.  Make your hotel reservations now (we hear they are going fast) and spread the word.  We want as many ladies as possible to share this day that will feed the body, mind and soul.  Be sure to follow our announcements on the website, newsletter and on social media.  We are very excited to see you there.

Community Service

Fran Nichols, Committee Chair

A Big Shout Out to the Councils for their amazing efforts with Community Service Outreach!! Taking part and volunteering teaches compassion and understanding.  I am so proud we are embracing the opportunities within our individual communities.  The impact NWiR can make is so exciting!

Soon we will release a program with a template/guide for Community Outreach for the Councils to follow.



Cynthia Lang, Councils Committee Chair


NWIR Oregon Council had a great first meeting on Thursday, July 27th.  For more information about this council, please contact Kendall Ekerson at kendall@reroofnow.com or 503-481-1916.



NWIR Tampa Council had a wonderful turnout at their first independent meeting (20 plus people) including John Kenny from WCRCA who is giving their full support and wanting to team up with us. There were many non-members that came and will be joining the membership. The council is eager to grow and everyone is excited. As they continue to grow they will be voting on the community service projects they intend to support in the future.


NWIR is growing and growing local councils.  Are you looking for a council to join?  Check our website for a list of current councils.   If you didn’t find a council in your area and would like to help start a new council, please review the information in contained in the Councils toolkit on the website.


Shelly Duhaime, Committee Chair

The NWIR Education Committee is working on the next webinar presentation about Mentoring. As we develop content, we would like to hear from you! Do you have a great mentor or mentee? Or a mentorship story that you would like to share? If so, please send a quick email to Courtney Bynum at CourtneyBynum@guardianbp.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Parties who are additional insureds (an entity that has been added to another entity’s insurance policy that do not have to pay premiums) on subcontractor Commercial General Liability policies have little incentive to take any preventive measures to ensure its negligence does not hurt a third party. Subcontractors that are named insureds must accept a number of risks that include: policy dilution that can leave them without coverage; increased premiums that are a result of lower experience ratings caused by broad additional insured coverage; and payment of the deductible that results from additional insured claims (even though the subcontractor may be completely without fault). Next time you are asked to name a party as an additional insured, recognize the potential liability and increased costs.

For more information: https://trentcotney.blogspot.com/2017/07/additional-insureds.html

Women in Roofing Storyboard

Alliance of Professional Women highlights Lee Lipniskis of Core Contractors, a NWIR Founding Member and Council Chair.

Lee Lipniskis is originally from Indiana where she got her Bachelors of Science in Risk Management and Insurance from Ball State University. She moved to Denver 10 years ago after taking a job as an insurance adjuster. After working for several carriers and traveling around the U.S. climbing roofs and handling catastrophe claims, she settled down in Denver and started working for Core Contractors. She is the Finance Manager as well as Safety Director and head of Human Resources. Lee is on the Board of Directors for the APW and the Alliance Foundation. She is also the Chair of the NWIR Denver Council.

Members Need to “Opt In” for Member Directory and Member Pins

All members were sent an email on July 25th asking them to “opt in” to be listed in the member directory, to indicate whether they would like to receive a membership pin, and also how to update their address if they have moved in the past 18 months.  If you are a member and didn’t see this notice on July 25th, check your spam folder and also add info@nationalwomeninroofing.com to your safe sender list – some companies have settings that automatically filter out emails from an email server client like the one that NWIR uses.  If you still can’t find this email, please send us an email at info@nationalwomeninroofing.com and we’ll resend it to you.


Call for Photos & Stories

We love collecting and featuring your photos and stories.  For the next couple months we’d like to focus on second (or greater) generation roofers – those who grew up in the roofing industry or were introduced to it by a family member.
Submit high res photos and stories to  info@nationalwomeninroofing.com.