June 2018 Newsletter

A Letter From The Chair

Shari Carlozzi, National Sales Manager, Roofing Division, Hapco Inc. & NWIR Chair Shari Carlozzi

Isn’t it funny how one comment can make a lasting impression on your thoughts and outlook? I find this happening more often these days.

I travel quite often for my job, and have a few superstitious practices before flying, like touching the outside of the plane as I board, sending my sons a quick text about my trip followed by a “see you soon, love mom” note before placing my phone into airplane mode and one habit that I never really thought about until the recent Southwest Airlines tragedy a few weeks ago…looking to my left to catch a glimpse of the pilot.

I started thinking about the tremendous responsibility pilots have while most of us just consider the flight as one small part of our daily business agenda. It wasn’t until that specific event that I realized just how much more disastrous it could have been, but wasn’t, thanks to the pilot, Tammy Jo Shultz, a Southwest Airlines pilot, former Navy fighter jet pilot, wife and mother.

That was not her regularly scheduled flight. Turns out she switched flights with her husband to attend her son’s sporting event. I thought, such a Mom thing to do! I was impressed…not only with her dedication to her son, her amazing heroism in safely landing that plane and comforting every passenger as they deplaned, but her cool, calm demeanor in a post-event interview.

When asked what was going through her head during the in-flight crisis, she responded: “we have altitude and ideas…” While I understand the mechanics of her specific crisis mode, I started thinking how we can all benefit from those words in our own moments of crisis:

We have altitude in elevating our goals, raising the bar on our efforts to overcome objections, being the bigger person, or thinking about the big picture instead of getting caught up in excuses or blame. Under the Laws of Attraction, positive thoughts bring positive reactions/results. We can incorporate this in our daily lives and attitudes, both work-wise and personally.

We have ideas in our capacity to switch gears, realizing that there is more than one way to achieve our goals and successes. Sometimes the “old standard” method of doing things is just OLD and needs a fresh perspective. Whether your find the solution on your own or ask others for help, we have the capacity to think abstractly with an open mind.

We find ourselves in a world where competition for a competent, sustainable labor force is at an all-time high. We need altitude and ideas in our quest for new avenues to seek out and recruit new professionals on the roof and in the office. So let’s brainstorm, step outside of our industry. Just because someone has never considered roofing as a profession, doesn’t mean they won’t.

Take a look around you with an open mind. Start a conversation. Your next new employee or colleague could be standing beside you in line at the bank, school event or even at the airport. I’ll continue to glance into the cockpit with gratitude as I enter the plane, thanks to true professionals like Tammy Jo Shultz.

With altitude and ideas, anything is possible.

Wishing you a world of possibilities – Shari


Jennifer Keegan, GAF & NWIR Education Committee

Women’s Mentor Circle Webinar

Are you part of a women’s mentor circle? Wish you were?

Join us on June 20th for a look into a few ongoing mentor circles within the roofing industry, a discussion on how they started and their successes and challenges to date, and the unveiling of NWIR’s Mentor Circle Kit.

NWIR Educational Webinar on Mentoring 103: Implementing a Mentoring Circle in your Company or NWIR Council
Date: June 20, 2018
Time: 12pm Eastern

Register here

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Leveraging the Multi-Generational Team
Do you work on a multi-generational team? Work in the family business? Lead a team with millennials through baby boomers? We want to hear about your successes, challenges, and how you leverage the multi-generational strengths to your advantage! Please contact Jennifer at Jennifer.Keegan@gaf.com.



NWIR’s focus strives to connect and empower women to inspire change in this great industry, but to do that, it takes a village and we are asking for your help.

NWIR is looking for 5-7 dedicated individuals who would like to serve on a brand new Membership Development Committee to connect women (and men) who support the inclusion of women in the roofing industry. By joining forces, we can bring the industry to a new level of excellence by supporting and promoting the contributions of women as an essential component to the future of roofing. Will you be a part of it?

If you are interested in mentoring, educating and recruiting women and men to join NWIR and take the roofing industry to the next level both professionally and personally, we encourage you to contact Mardee Billingsley at MBillingsley@tremcoinc.com or Alison LaValley at alavalley@nrca.net by Friday, June 8th. Securing a sustainable future will take all of us working together, and we cannot wait to connect with YOU!


We need your photos and videos! 
In order to recruit more women from outside our industry, we need to show just how great roofing can be! Please send us your photos, videos, stories, etc. that we can then share among local councils and across social media.  Let’s show the outside world what it’s like to be a woman in the roofing industry! Send items to michelle@rackleyroofing.com.



Cynthia Lang, SRS Distribution Inc. & NWIR Councils Committee

For information on these and other Councils and Council events, please visit the Councils pages on the website.

NWIR Atlanta

Atlanta Council Members, Mark your Calendars! Please save the date for our next meeting. It will be 3:00 on Wednesday June 13th and Atlas has kindly allowed us to use the training room in their facility.
Atlas Roofing – 2000 Riveredge Pkwy Atlanta, GA 30328
Take the elevator down to LL2. Follow signs to Conference Center. (The signs do not say Atlas as this is a shared space.)
Bring a Friend! This will be a great meeting to help grow our council. Between the calendar of events we plan to discuss, the speaker we are lining up and a little fun at Battery Park afterward, it will be a great event to bring a new member to.
NWIR Council Business
Guest Speaker
Networking at Battery Park after the meeting for those that wish to mingle with members in a more casual setting. (Drinks and snacks will be paid for by individual members.)
Please E-mail dcorrell@becn.com to let us know if you’re planning on attending or wish to sponsor the event.

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NWIR Central PA

The NWIR Central PA Chapter held their 2nd meeting on Thursday, May 24th . The purpose of our 2nd chapter meeting was to network, decide on leadership positions and plan future events. We accomplished all of these goals and more. Our next meeting – which will focus on recruitment and education – will be held in August. If any women in the roofing industry in Central PA would like to join us, please contact Katie Bicksler at kbicksler@crsreps.com.

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NWIR Colorado

We had a great event back in the end of March with a guest speaker, Stephanie Schoolmeester. She talked about reducing our stress, balancing our lives, and tapping into our inner power. She helped us design our daily success plan to set our course to reach our goals, which included discovering daily practices that set us up for ultimate success. We had 11 people attend. The event was sponsored by Christie Gorman-McCarthy from Golden Spike Roofing. She did an amazing job and everyone loved the food and drinks!

. . . . . . . . . . .

NWIR Minnesota

MN Council of NWiR kicked off with their first meeting on 5/8/18! Legacy Restoration sponsored the event which featured snacks, networking and the sharing of ideas surrounding the new council.

. . . . . . . . . . .

NWIR North New Jersey

Thank you all for coming out to GAF Headquarters for our first meeting of 2018.  I am so grateful for the volume of women that came to spend time learning about our organization!  We had a record number 46 women attend!

I am happy to let you know, we do have a complete Board of Directors for NJ, so please allow me to introduce everyone.

  • Christine Mockenhaupt – Chair
  • Lynn Picone – Vice Chair
  • Erica Sherman – Secretary
  • Liz Sieling – Treasurer
  • Julie Baker – Membership Chair
  • Jennifer Keegan – Education Chair

We will be getting together shortly to give you the dates for the remaining meetings for 2018 so that you can mark your calendars. Thank you to all those that completed the surveys. Your input and ideas will help guide us going forward.

I especially want to thank Lynn and Renee for welcoming us to GAF!  The presentations were terrific! It’s always nice to always be learning, and hearing how innovative GAF is was fascinating!  The personal branding topic was perfect and the value exercise sparked some great conversation.

One of the ideas that came out of our speed networking round was to create a database of contacts.  I will work with the board to find a platform that we can log everyone that wants to be included. We can use this as a local mentoring center for members.

Thank you all again for attending.  Our local website is https://nationalwomeninroofing.org/council/north-new-jersey-council/.

. . . . . . . . . . .

NWIR Tampa

In April we met at Tequilas in Ybor city where Diana King held a roundtable discussion focused on what life events brought each of us to the roofing profession and how that has shaped us into the person we are today.  The evening continued past happy hour and into the next room where we let our creativity take over in the form of canvas art and we created the coolest pineapples in Florida!

Our May meeting was a narrated catamaran tour of the Port of Tampa Bay thanks to The Port of Tampa & The Florida Aquarium. We were accompanied by some of our favorite WCRCA (West Coast Roofing Contractors Association) members and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  Everyone was able to learn some new information, even those of us who have lived in Florida for years.

. . . . . . . . . . .

NWIR Tennessee

The TN Council had a fantastic time at Thistle Farms for our May meeting. Thistle Farms is a local mission serving women that have experienced human trafficking, addiction or abuse. They have a two-year program where housing and necessities are provided while they get their life on track. Thistle Farms operates a Cafe and a Store where they sell natural bath and body products. Our TN Chapter was able to support their mission through lunch, networking and shopping. It was a great experience for all.

NWIR Profiles

Carole Wilson, Wilson Roofing est. 1958.

Carole Wilson was truly a pioneer when she started her own roofing business in 1958! Her son, Brice Wilson, a senior sales representative for Johns Manville, recently shared his mother’s story with us.

My mother, Carole, and my father, Jack, returned to Florida in July of 1955 from Cherry Point, NC, where Dad did his basic training in the USMC. They brought me home with them, as I had been born on the base in March of 1955.

Once they got home Dad returned to his job with the Florida East Coast railroad and mother  became a full-time mom with my brother Vernon soon joining us in 1958. It was at this time that they started their “part-time” roofing business, which only required a county registered license back in those days. Most all the counties of North Florida would reciprocate with each other and they were ready to roof all over the First Coast.

In 1963 the Florida East Coast Railroad union went on strike, and shortly afterwards mother knew this part-time business was going to have to be more than that, as my sister Lynn had joined us by now, and we were all pretty used to eating regularly. So Mom started advertising in the yellow pages, on local radio stations, and she became active in most every club from churches to sports, always sponsoring the local teams.

There is a little bit of discussion among the family if the first Johns Manville warranted job was done at the Lightner Museum, Flagler College or at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, but we all agree it was a 5GIG, two layers of perlite and the gravel was double slagged.

The best way to get in shape for the upcoming high school football season, was to get a job with Mrs. Wilson that summer, those double slag jobs, especially carrying the gravel up the ladder in 50 lb bags would get you in shape.

Mother knew she had the great fortune to have Johns Manville as her manufacturer and supplier from Kim Miller when she started, until Joseph Smith when she retired. She never had any go backs on her applications.

Carole’s 30th descendant will be joining us any day now. We hope little Mr. Lincoln Wilson is a tough fellow as he has seven sisters and cousins who are all girls.  It would be great to see the girls follow in their great grandmother’s footprints, and maybe Lincoln will find out why a double slag and a JM 5 ply BUR are still in use, the ones his grandmother and grandfather, great grandfather and great grandmother installed.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Tamira Trujillo

Colorado Council vice chair and business development manager for Exterior Guru, Tamira Trujillo was featured as a Young Gun in Roofing Contractor Magazine. Read her story here.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Kendall Ekerson

Oregon Council founder and business development manager at Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal, Kendall Ekerson was featured in DJC Oregon’s Women of Vision Magazine. Read her story on page 5.




Featured Sponsors

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our sponsors. Each month we will be highlighting them here.

Convoy Supply Ltd.
Convoy Supply is Canada’s leading wholesale construction materials distributor with 34 locations across Canada and 10 in the USA. www.convoy-supply.com

Flynn Group of Companies
Flynn employs over 5000 people and serves a diverse portfolio of clients across North America, for the entire building envelope.www.flynncompanies.com

KARNAK, a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, manufactures and supplies reflective coatings, cements, and sealants for roofing and waterproofing. www.karnakcorp.com

Snyder Roofing & Sheet Metal
Active in the Pacific Northwest design build market, Snyder specializes in commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing, waterproofing, air/vapor barriers, and concrete restoration. www.snyder-builds.com

SOPREMA offers a comprehensive line of commercial roofing, waterproofing, wall protection and civil engineering solutions combining superior products and systems with decades of proven performance. www.soprema.us



Upcoming national/regional events with NWIR are as follows.

These conventions are a great opportunity to network and gain education, as well as to stay up to date on the newest technical information about roofing and related industries.

WSRCA Convention June in Las Vegas June 10-12
(Mentoring & Networking Reception June 10 3:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. and booth #159 at trade show)

FRSA Convention June 27-29
(Mentoring & Networking Reception June 27 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.and booth #118 at trade show)

SAVE THE DATE: NWIR Day on February 9 in conjunction with the IRE in Nashville, Tenn.
Details coming in August, but go ahead and book your hotel now! Check out details on the event.

Upcoming industry events

National Roofing Week is June 3 – 9, 2018NWIR is a sponsor of National Roofing Week. The goal of this week is to increase awareness across the U.S. about the significance of roofs to every home and business and share the good deeds of the industry. Learn more.

Help NRCA promote National Roofing Week by joining in their social media Thunderclap campaign. Thunderclap is safe, free and will post only one message on your behalf. Signing up for NRCA’s Thunderclap will take five seconds. Choose to choose “Support with Twitter,” “Support with Facebook,” “Support with Facebook page,” “Support with Tumblr” or all four!

Safe + Sound Week is August 13 – 19, 2018
Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event to raise awareness and understanding of the value of safety and health programs that include management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards in workplaces. Learn how to participate and sign up for updates.