March 2017 Newsletter

A Letter From The Chair

Heidi J. Ellsworth, President, HJE Consulting Group & Current NWIR Chair 

Wow! What a crazy start to the year but the absolutely best part has been the success of National Women in Roofing at the 2017 IRE show in Vegas.  It is hard to put into words how amazing the events were and how empowered we all felt after the week.

It started with a NWIR Board meeting.  In case you are not familiar with the ladies (and men) who are donating tremendous amounts of time to help NWIR succeed, here are their names:

Name Company Committee
Heidi J Ellsworth Chair HJE Consulting
Shari Carlozzi Vice Chair Hapco, Inc.
Jennifer Stone Secretary Nations Roof
Jennifer Ford-Smith Treasurer Johns Manville
Ellen Thorp Executive Director National Women in Roofing
Renae Bales Communications Chair KPOST
Jill Bloom Communications VC Roofing Contractor Magazine
Frann Nichols Community Outreach KPOST
Diana King Community Outreach VC Springer Petersen
Cynthia Lang Councils SRS Corp
Lindy Ryan Councils VC Tecta
Shelly Duhaime Education Captiva Risk
Jennifer Keegan Education VC Intertek
Hilary Morgan Governance Trent Cotney Construction Law
Trent Cotney & Steve Little Governance VC Trent Cotney Construction Law / KPOST
Alison LaValley Membership NRCA
Mardee Billingsley Membership VC Tremco
Mallory Payne Mentorship National Roofing Partners
Melissa Walker Mentorship VC Johns Manville
Sarah Kasper Recruitment Chair Flynn
Chelsea Welsh Recruitment VC Gutter Helmet


I wanted to share the names of the Board of Directors because it takes a commitment of time, talent and treasure to be on this board.  It is a working board just like the councils that are forming around the country.  Through the efforts of these ladies we are able to bring events, mentoring, education, recruitment, community outreach, membership and councils nationally.  I am very grateful for every person and I am so proud to call them my friends.

The big event was Tuesday evening with our special guest Kaney O’Neill.  During the NWIR Networking & Mentoring Reception, Kaney shared her story as a women-owned businesswomen and disabled-veteran through a very special video.  Through the magic of Roofing Contractor Magazine and Jill Bloom, Kaney’s story was shared to over 300 attendees at the event.  It was powerful!  The video is live on the NWIR website so be sure to check it out!

During the event women and men were able to sign up for membership, join or start Councils and network with other amazing women in the industry.  What a spectacular event!  It was great to be able to introduce the ladies from around the country that are starting NWIR Councils.  I would like to recognize the women who are taking a lead on developing councils across the country.  I am extremely grateful for their leadership:

CA Southern California Maria Alcara L.A. Roofing Materials
CO Lee Lipniskis CORE Contractors
GA Atlanta Melissa Miller Beacon
MI Liz Obloy BNP Media
FL Tampa Hilary Morgan Trent Cotney Construction Law Group
NJ South Jersey Christine Mockenhaupt Allied Building Products
UT Nacona Lott On Top Roofing
AZ Valorie Miller Jim Brown and Sons Roofing
FL South Florida Jodie Weber Federal Engineering and Testing
TN Michelle Boykin Rackley Roofing Company, Inc.
TX Dallas Mallory Payne National Roofing Partners
TX Houston Leticia Elias Elias Commercial Roof Systems
OR Heidi J. Ellsworth HJE Consulting


There are many who have inquired about councils and we may not have captured all of the information.  If you are interested and your name is not on the list above, please contact us at  We are so excited to have you all starting councils in your areas. If you do not see your area on this list, please visit to see how to get started.  You will meet amazing women from the roofing industry who are ready to make changes and grow our industry professionally.

Finally, through the efforts of our education committee, four women were able to share their stories with over 100 women and men during a Wednesday morning educational class.  It was phenomenal!  The stories and comments from the audience were amazing and we believe this type of educational class is exactly what we need around the country.  We will be working on similar educational classes at all of the regional events.  Special thanks to Shelley Duhaime, Diana King, Frann Nichols and Jennifer Stone for their presentations and panel discussion!

I believe a very special thank you is due to the women who made all of the events happen.  To all of the volunteers who worked the booth at the show, Thank You!  We were able to spread the word and from what we saw and heard our booth was busy the entire show.  Special thanks to Christine Martinez and Liz Martin from Johns Manville for all of their work coordinating IRE.  A huge event that went off perfect due to their efforts.  Mallory Payne and Melissa Walker along with their mentoring committee did an outstanding job finding a speaker and bringing Kaney’s story to life.  To all the volunteers who worked the doors at the mentoring reception, Thank You!!!

The events and excitement of this year’s IRE could not have happened without the support of our Founding Sponsors and IRE Event Sponsors.  All Event Sponsors are also Founding Sponsors and we are very grateful for their extra support making this year’s IRE amazing.  A special thank you to the Event Sponsors including SRS Corp, Beacon, National Roofing Partners, Karnak, Duro-Last, Johns Manville and Roofing Contractor Magazine.  We are humbled by the overall support we have received from this wonderful industry.  Thank you!


IRE Nations RoofAlison LaValley, NRCA, NWIR Membership

When women support each other, incredible things happen! And, if I had learned that sooner; I would have had a much richer life…I’m sure of it. I never had a lot of women as friends, and I don’t mean the kind of friends you go shopping with.  I’m talking about the tried-and-true kind; the ones who have your back 24/7 and build you up. It’s a competitive world out there, right? We’re all fighting for space in this wonderful industry we call roofing. But, that’s where I went wrong…oh, so wrong for much of my 20’s, 30’s and even into my early 40’s. I know you understand where I’m coming from; we’ve all been there.

But now, you and I have this incredible opportunity to be involved with and support this glorious organization that supports us (100% of the time) and helps us advance in our careers…that’s 200+ friends that I didn’t have before, and personally, I’m thrilled. And, just look at some of what NWIR has to offer:

  • Events – Get engaged, make valuable connections, learn, and stay up-to-date on industry developments.
  • Professional Development– Experience peer-to-peer learning and develop mentorship opportunities. (You can be a mentor or a mentee!)
  • Learn best practices – Learn best practices from some of the best and brightest women in the roofing industry, including at local and state Council meetings that are popping up everywhere. Not one in your area? Start one!
  • Information/news – Take advantage of the latest updates and developments that might otherwise pass you by.
  • Networking – This one is fairly obvious. Women empowering women. Who can say no to that?!
  • Support NWIR’s mission– Support the development of the roofing industry and the vital role (we) women play in leading this industry! Be a part of the change. Get involved. Many NWIR members have dedicated their professional lives to this great industry … and they want YOU to succeed.

But to do all of this, we are asking you to join…officially join…for only $60 a year. Our goal is to double our membership by the time National Roofing Week arrives, which is June 4-10! That’s less than 3 months away, but we can do it with your support. Membership is available for only 17 cents a day/$60 annually. (And yes, I did say 17 cents a day. That’s crazy, right?!)

Please consider joining NWIR today by clicking here. You won’t regret it; I promise you. In fact, you’ll thank me and the 200+ other successful women who will have your back 24/7. It’s an amazing offer from an incredible group of women. I hope you’ll be a part of it.

Upcoming Events

WRSCA 2017

Education Session, Booth and Mentoring & Networking Reception SUNDAY – JUNE 11th, 2017 in the Bordeaux Room of the Paris Las Vegas 3pm-4pm: Education Session: Successful Career Path Case Studies for Women in Roofing 4pm-5pm: Mentoring & Networking Reception NWIR will have a table near the registration area; stop on by!

Community Outreach

Fran Nichols, K-Post, Committee Chair

Thank you to all who participated in the IRE Community Service in Vegas.  Brandi McElhaney, Senior Conference Manager of informa, once again provided a resource for those of us to help out the community!

I would like to introduce 2 new Community Outreach committee members!  Maria Alcala of L.A. Roofing Materials, L.A., California, and Christie Bravo of Bravo Roofing, Brea, California.

Thank you to all in making this an awesome committee, Vice Chair – Diana King of Springer Peterson, Lakeland, Florida, Ashley Agar of NRP, Coppell, Texas, and Rebekah Blanton of Division 7, Galena, Ohio.

Keep me posted for upcoming community challenges.   Red Nose Day is coming up in May! Get ready!!

Also, thank you for attending and supporting the IRE panel NWIR panel discussion. Thanks to you, it was a great success.


Shelly Duhaime, Committee Chair
Thank you to everyone who attended the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas! It was great getting to meet new women who are interested in joining NWIR. The education committee is putting the finishing touches on their Women in Roofing presentation that should be available soon. We hope to see you at our next event!


To kick off the 2017 International Roofing Expo (IRE), National Women in Roofing (NWIR), an organization that promotes and advances the careers of female roofing professionals, hosted a welcome reception on Tuesday evening at Mandalay Bay, the host site for IRE.
Women from all walks of the roofing industry gathered to network and empower one another, while discussing what’s planned for the roofing industry in 2017 and beyond.
The reception featured a streamed video interview with guest speaker Kaney O’Neill, President of O’Neill Contractors Inc. O’Neil shared her impressive journey, transitioning from Navy Seal, to owning and operating her own successful roofing company. Her unique experience of perseverance and integrity was showcased throughout the evening.

Women in Roofing Storyboard

mint roofingMeet the Women of Mint Roofing
Owner Michele Krolczyk credits her business’ success to the practice of hiring and promoting women.

Michele Krolczyk, vice-president and owner of Long Lake, Minnesota-based Mint Roofing, was recently featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper.  She credits part of her company’s success to the practice of hiring and promoting women. In fact, seven of her company’s 17 full-time employees are women.
Kate Broman was recently promoted to chief operating officer and Heidi Mussehl leads Mint Roofing’s preventative maintenance division which added 206 new buildings and grew revenue from the program by 15 percent in 2016.

Krolczyk and her husband, Kevin, purchased the company from her parents in the mid-1990s and credits her mother, Bernice, with inspiring her to help create a level playing field for women in the company.  The rest of the women at the company help run everything from service to project coordination, marketing, finance and administration.