October 2016 Newsletter

A Letter From The Chair

Heidi J. Ellsworth, President, HJE Consulting Group & Current NWIR Chair

What is the best part of being involved with National Women in Roofing?  It is the people of course.  I have met and continue to meet some of the most amazing women and men through this new association.  From across the nation, I have had the amazing privilege to meet and work with roofing professionals in all stages of their career.

I grew up in the trades.  My dad was a general contractor and besides a few years in the non-profit world after college, I have been lucky enough to work in the roofing industry for close to 25 years now.  Over those many years, I have met some amazing women who helped mentor me and became dear friends.  Today, I now get to work with a new generation of women. Generation Y, also known as Millennials, is the up-and-coming professionals in our industry.
Mallory Payne, NWIR Chair of the Mentoring committee, recently presented at the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) luncheon during their annual convention.  Mallory is of generation Y and I have learned a lot from her while working together at National Roofing Partners and National Women in Roofing.  Unfortunately, I was not able to be at the RCAT event but I did get to watch the video.

Mallory’s presentation highlighted the fact that we communicate, work and live differently between generations but we are also very much alike.  In fact, the best part of generational differences is the amount that we can learn from each other.  With women, this is especially important.  Too often we find ourselves working against other women instead of empowering each other.

Generation Y women seem to have a different view of the world.  They are not as threatened by each other or the “male-dominated” industry we work in.  Many of us have worked very hard through our careers, maneuvering through situations that sometimes were not female friendly.  But we have also celebrated the uniqueness of the roofing industry and the opportunities available.  The fearlessness of this new generation does not diminish everything women have done to get to this point but it does highlight that we might just be getting there.  Personally, that makes me very happy.

It is with great pleasure that we now welcome a new generation into this industry and I know they will love it.  But just like the roofing industry is now encouraging the role of women from the board room to the rooftop, we need to also encourage young people to get involved.  Mallory talked about the NWIR mentoring program that she chairs.  It is a great opportunity to learn from each other and grow the power of women in roofing.  If you are interested in mentoring or finding a mentor, please let us know at http://www.nationalwomeninroofing.com.

Please enjoy Mallory’s presentation and join us for more presentations coming up at the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) show, International Roofing Expo (IRE) show and in 2017 monthly webinars!  To watch Mallory Payne presenting at the RCAT show click here https://youtu.be/GuH7s2ha11U.


The speed of membership is highly encouraging with over 220 members!  Anyone within the roofing industry or interested in becoming a roofing professional are invited to participate in this exciting new organization.  Interested people can sign up for membership here. Sign up now!


The Executive Committee is thrilled to announce the commitment of another Founding Sponsor, bringing the total to EIGHT! Their support of NWIR and of recognizing the commitment that women make to the roofing industry is an encouragement to us all.  The sponsor logos in the header and footer of the newsletter are linked to their websites; please take some time to click through and visit them today.


MRCA Reception
Please join the National Women in Roofing for an evening of education, mentorship, and cocktails. We are excited to have nationally known women Heidi Ellsworth and Jill Bloom speak about their career and lead group mentorship.  The event is free for members and non-members.  You can sign up for membership now on our website or you can sign up during the mentoring table event at the MRCA!

MRCA Convention in Columbus, Ohio
Taft A, 1st Floor
November 1, 2016
Click here to RSVP by October 28, 2016 

International Roofing Expo
Start planning for IRE!  It will be here before you know it! National Women in will host educational sessions, as well as a mentorship table discussions during their hospitality hour.  We are refining the agenda and will have a location out soon.  The event is free for members and non-members.  You can sign up for membership now on our website or you can sign up during the mentoring table event at the MRCA!Save the Date for February 28, 2017 from 5:00-7:00pm.

RCAT Luncheon Recap
NWIR is very grateful for the support of the NWIR-RCAT Luncheon sponsors: KPost Company  and Founding Sponsors Johns Manville and SRS Distribution.  Their support of RCAT and NWIR is truly appreciated. Mallory Payne’s presentation at the luncheon on Generational Women in Roofing gave great insight to the 4 Generations (Boomers, Xers, Y’s – aka Millennials, and Z) that make up a major part of the workforce today.  She shared the mission of NWIR and passed around sign-up sheets for mentor and mentee opportunities. The tradeshow was well attended and NWIR had multiple inquiries with regards to starting local NWIR Councils.

Community Outreach

Fran Nichols, Committee Chair

NWIR SoCal Council is having a community event at the Alexandria House in L.A. on November 2nd – 4th. Alexandria House is a women’s shelter (woman run and volunteer based) and NWIR SoCal will be working on the main house, doll house, and garage. Labor, insurance, and warranty is being provided by Supreme Roofing Co, Inc. LA Roofing Materials and Malarkey Roofing Products is providing material for the project. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area feel free to stop by and show your support!

The Holidays are fast approaching. Soon we will be enjoying all the beautiful lights and music of our cities filling our hearts with smiles! Community Outreach would like to challenge our members to start a “toy drive or food drive” within your companies. You choose which organization to donate to within your city. Take progress photos with your final photo of the donation. Let’s celebrate the Holiday with Kindness! Challenge begins November 1st – December 9th, 2016.


Alison LaValley, Committee Chair

The NWIR Council Toolkit is now available so if you’re interested in starting a NWIR Council in your state, please visit theNWIR website and click on the “volunteer” tab. It will prompt you for your email address and ask you to check a box indicating your interest, and then a toolkit will be emailed to you. We have Councils forming in multiple areas across the country including Colorado, Southern Florida, Southern California, Michigan and more, so join us as we move forward to expand our mission of advancing education, mentoring, networking and recruiting.


Shelly Duhaime, Committee Chair

The Education Committee has been working with several groups to gain feedback regarding topics for upcoming presentations. The response has been excellent and we are tailoring future presentations to benefit key audiences (such as yourself!). Several committee members have also been busy attending trade shows and roofing industry conferences. At these events, the committee members are able to see first-hand the hot topics that are being discussed in the industry.

Please be sure to look for an invitation to and attend our first roofing presentation, Roofing 101, which goes through the basics of steep and low-slope roofing and how you can get involved. There will also be examples of women in roofing, and we will provide information on how they got to be where they are today!

Call for Photos

We love seeing your photos of women working in the roofing industry; in the boardroom, on the rooftop, or at a meeting or conference.  Please send high resolution pics to info@nationalwomeninroofing.com and include details about who is in the picture.

Kristen Novo and her father Sergio of Wescon Construction installing a metal roof.