2020 Email List for the Board of Directors here – I’ll be working on updating the roster and contact list soon

Past BOD meeting agendas and minutes, on the google drive here – but Ellen needs to update

Association Bylaws 

Whistleblower Policy

Record Retention and Document Destruction Policy

Code of Ethics

Antitrust Policy

Travel Reimbursement Policy Sept 2018

NWiR typically has a presence at six national or large regional events per year. List here.

Access to the Council Leaders contact list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16NYgO4wRu5tk9GjwAV8vxIiWIB5FrgkZF6d0zH492sc/edit?usp=sharing

Add events to calendar: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13qTcOSnk5CTnbrLnSfEcNX8k4UBm37hU – and you may need to doublecheck the username for your committee here


Photos – most of the photos

Photos and headshots from NWiR Day 2020

How to schedule a committee meeting via conference call

Phone Instructions for the NWiR Answering Service – just an fyi in case you were curious

Passwords for NWIR website
Several of the pages are password protected.
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Resources for Council chairs – nwircouncilsinc2016;
Resources for the board of directors – nwirbodinc2016
Resources for sponsors – nwirsponsorsinc2016
Webinar Archives – nwirmembersinc2016
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