At home or on the road, NWIR needs your help!
All professional and trade associations, and especially new associations like National Women in Roofing, greatly benefit from the active engagement of its members.

At Conventions and Trade Shows

Are you a regular on the trade show and convention circuit? Or do you stick to the shows that are close to home and attend annually? Whatever the case, we could use your help. We are looking for people with knowledge of the regional and local roofing conventions and trade shows to be our local “Event Coordinator” at these venues. This role entails working with the sponsoring trade association to identify options available to NWIR; advising the Board of Directors on what educational sessions may best fit the attendees, and providing direction and timelines to the impacted NWIR committees.

In Your Local Area

Do you like bringing people together with a common interest? Are you energized after attending a professional development session but wish there were more opportunities close to home? We foresee NWIR Councils being located across the country affiliated with roofing contractor associations, roof consultants, manufacturers, distributors and anywhere that women want to network and grow. We are very close to finalizing the details for instructions on how to form a Council in your local area, and you can start a local or state Council in your area with full support at the national level.

 Become A Volunteer