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Quarterly Market Index Survey for Reroofing

It's so exciting to see a project you've been working on for several months come to fruition. You may recall that I've mentioned that the staff from all the national roofing and manufacturing associations have been meeting bi-weekly since the pandemic started. One the of ideas that came out of these coalition meetings is that we really needed a good handle on how roofing contractors and roof consultants are feeling about their business these days. To [...]

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Happy New Year to all of you! We the DEI Committee understand the challenges that plagued all of us in 2020 and we know as we embark on the New Year that we’re all trying to get back to what our definition of normal was prior to the pandemic. Our words of encouragement to all of you is this, hold on and keep on fighting. This year we’ll be running an ongoing campaign in partnership with [...]

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SRC Summit to Host NWIR Women’s Networking Lunch followed by Leadership Panel

This year the SRC is having it's first NWIR Women's Networking Lunch followed up by the Women's Leadership Panel on January 23-25, 2021. Non-members are encouraged to attend and we will share NWIR membership info with them. SRC press release.

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Cleveland council is bringing in 2021 with a challenge for all!

The Cleveland council will be participating in a virtual run through The run is called the Winter Warm-up and the Cleveland council will be inviting it's members to join a Team. We would also like to extend a challenge to other councils out there to sign up as their own team and engage in a little friendly competition. The run/walk can be completed from the day of sign up through March 14th - Daylight Savings [...]

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NJ December Update

The Northern NJ Council held their monthly meeting virtually on December 16, 2020. With a casual lunchtime meeting, the group shared favorite holiday memories and got “in the spirit” with crafting ideas and favorite holiday recipes shared by members. The contributions were compiled in an “idea book” distributed to all. The group also discussed the “Gratitude Drive" in support of the Center for Hope and Safety, a local domestic violence shelter. Charitable donations collected totaled over [...]

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NWIR Tampa December Charity Roof Project

Do you know what you get for your 18th birthday when you’re in foster care? You get to move out. It doesn’t matter that you might still be in high school or that you have no place to go. Cindy Tilley, Founder and President of Forgotten Angels grew up in foster care and knows what it’s like to have no one you can count on and nowhere to live. Forgotten Angels gives young adults (kids really) [...]

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Books & Bubbly Book Club

Update from the Books & Bubbly Book Club: The NWIR book club just wrapped up the first book reading, closing out 2020 with a successful launch of a collaborative effort between NWIR & WIRE. Our first book selection; Untamed by Glennon Doyle was broken into two discussions. The first book club meeting was November 12, 2020 and the final meeting was on December 20, 2020. Both calls were co-hosted by Stephanie Davis from WIRE and Maureen [...]

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Show Your Support for Back to Work on America’s Roofs

Download a social media badge to use as your profile picture or include in your email signature. Link it to here: so that people can read more information.   You can right click on any of these images and download them to your desktop to add to your company and personal email signatures and social media pages.

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Back to Work on America’s Roofs – June 2020 Update

INDUSTRY LEADERS LAUNCH “BACK TO WORK ON AMERICA’S ROOFS” Roofing Coalition Advances Policies to Reduce Unemployment, Support Economic Recovery WASHINGTON, DC, June 4, 2020 – A coalition of leading roofing industry associations has launched an initiative – “Back to Work on America’s Roofs” – which recommends key policies designed to: create jobs for unemployed Americans; support homeowners’ investments; and encourage business owners to invest in capital improvement projects. In a statement outlining the goals of “Back [...]

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