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Resources for Council Chairs

NWIR Councils Commitee Chair: Cynthia Lang, SRS Distribution Inc.; Co-Chair: Lee Lipniskis, CORE Contractors

Conference calls are generally held once a month for all the leaders of the Councils to receive updates from the National office and discuss membership recruitment, education ideas, and content for upcoming meetings. Invitations to the calls are sent to Council leaders (as listed on the Councils in Development spreadsheet in the google drive). The next call is scheduled for May 24th at 11am Eastern time.  There are also two additional calls per month for new and new-ish Councils, which are held on the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Friday of each month at 3pm Eastern time (4/27; 5/8; 5/25; 6/12; 6/22). Invitations are generally sent to the leaders (as listed on the Councils in Development spreadsheet in the google drive) of new and new-ish Councils, but please feel free to contact Ellen Thorp or Lee Lipniskis and request to be invited as well.

April minutes coming soon!

Council Call minutes 3-22-18; Recording of the March 22nd Call

Councils Call minutes 12-19-17;   –  Recording of the December 19th Councils call

Membership Recruitment Campain flyer – the Council that recruits the most members wins!

Sample/suggested Council leadership positions, thanks to Lee Lipniskis for preparing

Councils Call minutes 10-12-17;  –  Recording of the October 12th Councils call

Councils Call minutes 9-8-17;   –  Recording of the September 8th Councils call

Councils Call minutes 8-8-17;   –  Recording of the August 8th Councils Conference Call (includes instructions on how to update Council webpages and add events to the calendar)

Cynthia’s powerpoint of Council Ideas for call on Aug 8 2017

Minutes from July 13th Councils Conference Call;   –  Recording of the July 13th Councils Conference Call

Sample Invitation – Colorado

Sample Invitation 2 – New Jersey

Sample Invitation 3 – Michigan

Sample email text for first-second meeting

NWIR-Brand Guidelines

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