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May 2020

Work life Balance, Webinars, Virtual Resources and Volunteering in the Time of COVID

April 2020

Remote work, upcoming virtual events and council updates

March 2020

Ongoing education, intro to the TWO NWiR Chairs, and resources for remote workers

February 2020

February’s newsletter highlights NWiR Day Recap, Upcoming Webinar and Council Highlights

January 2020

January’s newsletter highlights NWiR Day Updates, Training, N.E.W.S Winners and Council Highlights

December 2019

December’s newsletter highlights NWiR Day, the N.E.W.S. scholarship winners, and traveling safely for work trips

November 2019

November’s newsletter highlights education, the N.E.W.S. scholarship to apply to have NWiR Day subsidized, women in roofing in the news and other stories of women making impact in the industry