August Newsletter

A Letter From The Chair

Heidi J. Ellsworth, President, HJE Consulting Group & Current NWIR Chair 

I have been fortunate to meet and work with many women and men during the formation of National Women in Roofing (NWIR).  I am seeing women being promoted into positions that have not traditionally been held by women.  It is inspiring and I applaud the companies that are making this happen.

Women are taking a different approach to their careers.  They see what they want and they are not afraid to ask for it.  They are also not afraid to look for better opportunities if it is not offered in their current employment.  We are all realizing that we bring a different dynamic that is needed in business today.  I do still hear some people say “just be one of the boys” but guess what, we are not just one of boys.  We are women who have chosen the roofing industry because of the career opportunities.

Many times, I have been the only woman sitting at the table whether that is in the break room or board room.  I have had some amazing men as mentors along with outstanding women who have helped me find my potential and celebrate it.  But not once did I want to “just be one of the boys”.  I wanted to bring my talents, emotions and intelligence to the equation knowing that all types of people are needed to have a well-balanced team.  We can’t all be the same.

Now we are hearing in the news the importance of diversity.  We still have a long way to go in roofing to find strong diversity but together we are making it happen.  I have watched women who I have been working with in NWIR see amazing promotions this last year.  Whether it is through a job change or a great company that promotes talent from within, women are moving and shaking.  In fact, they are actively being recruited.

This scares some people who do not want to lose their strong female employees.   I believe that is one hundred percent in the hands of the employer.  If you value your employees, show them, promote them and create equality in pay and position.  Much of the industry is already doing this but for those who are not, don’t be surprised when women are not afraid to make a change for a better opportunity.  From what I have seen, women are incredibly loyal but they want to be treated with respect and equity.  It is not that hard and I am thrilled to see women believing in their own power and talent; willing to reach out for what they want in a career.

We want you to share your career success stories.  Please share with us through our social media or by emailing what you are doing regarding your career in roofing.  Also, please reach out to your local councils and the NWIR Board of Directors and committees to share your story and to network.  We want everyone to get involved.  The power of the NWIR network is incredible.  Together we are making an enormous difference; as women.

Community Service

Fran Nichols, Committee Chair


Thank you for all for participation in your communities “Backpack School Events”!

KPost Roofing & Waterproofing, Partner of the Dallas Cowboys, distributed over 600 backpacks to children of their employees.  Thank you to Jayne Williams and KPost Charities for such dedicated effort!

Dallas BOMA’s backpack event, received donations from 60 properties and served 12 charities. This event helped around 1500 students.

NWIR SoCal Council hosted their backpack event mid-August!

Share your photos with us!

Kpost team backpack drive
KPost Roofing & Waterproofing distributed backpacks to children of their employees.




Cynthia Lang, Councils Committee Chair


The NWIR Michigan Council held a recruiting event at Jimmy John’s Field on August 13th!  Duro-Last graciously hosted NWIR in their suite for the game.
NWIR Michigan



The NWIR Oregon Council will hold a meeting at Twigs in Tigard to join the discussions on their first community outreach project and bring ideas for future projects.

Tuesday, September 12th @ 6:00pm
Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar @ 17003 SW 72nd Ave, Tigard, OR 97224
Dinner will be provided by RoofLine Supply & Delivery





The NWIR Tennessee Council held a meeting on Tuesday, August 22.  Melissa Cason with Porter Roofing generously provided meeting space and lunch for all attendees.
NWIR Tennessee Council



The NWIR Atlanta Council will be having their meeting on September 13th from 3-5pm.  Meeting location: 3036 NW Parkway #101 Atlanta, GA 30360.  Please RSVP to Melissa Miller @


NWIR is growing and growing local councils.  Are you looking for a council to join?  Check our website for a list of current councils.   If you didn’t find a council in your area and would like to help start a new council, please review the information in contained in the Councils toolkit on the website.


Shelly Duhaime, Committee Chair

The NWIR Education Committee will be giving a presentation about Mentoring during the next couple of months. As we develop content, we would like to hear from you! Please answer 2-3 of the following questions and send responses to Courtney Bynum at We will choose several examples to review during our panel discussion!

  • Have you had a good or bad mentor & how has that made you better or changes the way you do things?
  • Was this mentor/mentee relationship part of a formal program or informal relationship that grew naturally?
  • Do you see a difference in women starting out today and their expectations for women’s groups/ mentoring versus what it was like when you started out?
  • Do you have any advice for conducting a mentoring relationship?
  • Does your organization have a Women’s Group? Diversity Group? Inclusion Group?
  • What about these programs do you find contributes to the success of women in a male dominated industry?

Breaking the Glass (Ceiling)


Breaking Glass Ceiling Jill TackettA new feature for our monthly newsletter highlighting recent moves, promotions, and accomplishments of NWIR members.

Kicking off this month is … Jill Tackett. Jill was recently hired as Director of Service for North American Roofing.  Way to go Jill!  Read about her new position. 

Save the Date

NWIR Day on February 4th in New Orleans.  Optional sessions start at 9am, education sessions and keynote start at 12 noon.  More info coming soon.

Call for Photos & Stories

We love collecting and featuring your photos and stories.  For the next couple months we’d like to focus on second (or greater) generation roofers – those who grew up in the roofing industry or were introduced to it by a family member.
Submit high res photos and stories to