NWIR is a volunteer-based organization with working committees. Joining a committee is a great way to enhance your personal and professional skills.

NWiR Committees

Communications Committee

2019 Chair: Anna Anderson, Art Unlimited
2019 Vice Chair: Kendra Cabrera, ABC Supply

The Communications Committee works to create, grow, promote and maintain the brand for National Women in Roofing though newsletters, the blog and website, social media, trade shows and other communication channels with the goal of reaching existing members and expanding the footprint of NWIR to more women in the industry.

The committee members coordinates and supports the committee chairs’ work by gathering information on events, PR opportunities, etc. to promote and encourage the branding of NWIR on a national basis. Committee members also add to the digital media library of information sources, links, etc., for use in the newsletter/website.

The committee’s responsibilities include promoting events (educational or social), writing blogs, profiles, articles, press releases and content for a NWIR outlets and affiliate publications, build awareness and encourage the participation of our members and potential members. In addition, the committee members assume primary responsibility for posting social media content and managing social media platforms.

To join the Communications Committee reach out to communications@nationalwomeninroofing.org.

Community Service Committee

2019 Chair: Diana King, Springer–Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal
2019 Vice Chair: Susan DeGrassi, Antis Roofing

NWiR strives tp support “Women in Crisis” and women empowerment social causes and community service opportunities through national, regional and local support, awareness and partnership. The Community Service Committee works as the liaison between NWiR, councils and other agencies, charities, and service organizations to advance philanthropic efforts.

Committee members help councils choose community service activities, raise funds for charity and communicate successes. They offer education and encouragement on how to fundraise and encourage volunteerism for local women shelters, women crisis centers, women build programs and more.

To get more involved with the Community Service Committee
contact Diana King.

Councils Committee

2019 Chair: Lee Lipniskis, CORE Contractors

2019 Vice Chair: Karen Edwards,Casimir Group LLC

The Council Committee’s primary focus is to facilitate the development of new and existing local and state Councils. We encourage individuals and groups to establish Councils as a means of interacting within the community and advancing the mission and opportunities for women in the roofing industry. This committee focuses on providing strong, positive leadership and communications to Councils and supporting the use of resources to ensure the continuation of NWIiR branding and pillars. This committee is also responsible for monitoring that Councils are operating within their approved bylaws, which should be designed to support the four pillars of leadership, including mentoring, education, networking and recruitment.

Committee members help with approving and onboarding new councils, developing and maintaining council materials, council branding, policies and governance, training and more.

To become part of the Councils Committee email councils@nationalwomeninroofing.org.

Education Committee

2019 Chair: Jennifer Keegan, GAF

2019 Vice Chair: Heather Estes, Institute for Business and Home Safety

The Education Committee develops and maintains content for key initiatives, focus areas and member-desired education for NWIR. Committee members help create and build a NWIR library of webinars, speaker bios, abstracts, and supportive resources to empower women in the roofing industry through continuous education.

To join the Education Committee reach out to education@nationalwomeninroofing.org.


Events Committee

2019 Chair: Melissa Mulligan, M2C Services

2019 Vice Chair: Monica Pedrique, Marketing & Design Solutions

The Events Commitee leverages industry events to offer unique opportunities for networking, education and mentoring and increasing membership.

Committee members help recruit event coordinators and ensure they are aware of their obligations. They also work with trade associations to identify and negotiate options such as booths, hospitality events, mentor tables events, educational sessions, panel discussions, meeting space, etc. These committee members also help develop booth schedule for trade shows and communicate to membership, recruit for staffing event, request collateral and booth needs, receives shipments, etc.

To become part of the Councils Committee email events@nationalwomeninroofing.org.

Membership Committee

2019 Chair:  Mardee Billingsley, Tremco Inc.

2019 Vice Chair: Christee Holbrook, Graham Roofing, Inc.

The Membership Committee exists to empower women in our industry by encouraging membership as a means to connect women to other members and resources available for career growth. Committee members help by collaborating with the communications committee as needed to develop materials and tools needed to recruit and retain members, working with local councils to develop membership strategy to help increase members, planning and participating in recruiting events. They will work with association management to maintain the association management membership database.

These committee members also provide training on database where applicable, help with tracking membership renewals and mailings with the members services coordinator through the Association Management System. They will also help provide membership reports to the board, including reports on dues receipts.

To become involved with the Membership Commitee email Mardee Billingsley.

Mentoring Committee

2019 Chair:  Melissa Walker, Johns Manville

2019 Vice Chair: Katie Bicksler, Commercial Roofing Solutions

The Mentoring Committee exists to empower women in our industry by encouraging mentor/mentee relationships and developing avenues to bring women together to share thoughts, best practices and coaching opportunities for career growth.

Committee members help develop tools to assist in mentoring, bring mentors and mentees together and facilitate activities that broaden members perspectives on diversity and opportunities in the industry through story-telling of first hand experiences.

To become involved with the Membership Commitee email Melissa Walker.

NWIR Day Committee

This committee will develop content that will maximize participants careers in the industry through discussions with colleagues and by leveraging the opportunities to grow professional networks and meet new peers throughout the day.

Committee members help develop the meeting agenda, secure the keynote speaker, recruit volunteers, manage the event budget, negotiate the venue, logistics and onsite execution.

We are forming the committee now for NWiR Day 2020. Reach out to info@nationalwomeninroofing.org to be part of this team.

Recruitment Committee

2019 Chair:  Chelsea Welsh, Gutter Helmet

Vice Chair: Brenna Driver, Owens Corning

The Recruitment Committee reaches beyond traditional recruitment strategies to attract and hire women who will bring diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences to the roofing industry. They work with the councils, other agencies and organizations, and employers.

Committee members help maintain, update, and evolve tbe recruitment toolkit for councils while continually providing resources, research and networking to help councils with recruitment efforts. They lead the ongoing development of the NWiR Career Center and Research. They also coordinate and implement existing or pilot employment/service programs that NWIR can offer within the roofing industry in order to recruit more women into roofing.

To become part of the Recruitment Committee reach out to Chelsea Welsh.