FAQ – Contact Us

Looking for information on membership, becoming a volunteer, or getting involved in a council? Check out some of the other information on the site!

The front line in the NWIR office can also help you with the following questions; call the office at 303-450-3150

  • What is my member number?
  • I can’t get into the member database, can you please reset my password?
  • I need to change my username.
  • I need to change my email.
  • I want to access a password protected page, how do I find out the password?
  • I’m a Council leader and can’t get into the website to access my Council page to update it.
  • I’m a Council leader and can’t find a particular document.

But if you have a question or comment that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, then please contact us!  Inquiries via this form are delivered to the NWIR office and are responded to within 24-48 hours.